estadia Gaia Surf House

Gaia Surf House is situated about 50 meters from the beach in the city of Gaia a 10 minutes drive from Oporto , and has a total area of 1200m2. It has 2 bedrooms that serve as dormitories with a total of 15 beds available. Amenities include 2 bathrooms,a kitchen and 2 spacious living rooms. we also have a movie theater that was rebuilt in the place of an old cellar. The whole property of Gaia surf house was practically rebuilt from recycled materials, we take all kinds of materials that seem to be irrelevant and of no use and made them our decor..


20€ /night

Note: Tourist tax not included in the prices.
Summer: 2 € / night per person
Winter: 1 € / night per person

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